Tradition and innovation meet to rediscover the authentic taste of sicilian pastry

Advertising The authentic taste of sicilian pastry, a journey through flavours between tradition and innovation. In the heart of the region, in Castronovo di Sicilia (PA) and Mussomeli (CL), the Pasticceria Sparacello will be able to enchant you with typical sicilian sweets and surprise you with modern combinations. Everything, always, in full respect of the raw materials of the territory, in order to make known and export abroad the best that our pastry shop can offer.

Pasticceria Sparacello was born in 2007 in Castronovo di Sicilia, in the province of Palermo, from the passion of Giuseppe Sparacello, a passion handed down from his father, confectioner of typical sicilian dry pastries. The success, obtained thanks to the creation of desserts that taste of tradition but which are enhanced by modern innovations and the constant search for the latest generation ingredients, machinery and techniques that are able to respond best to the needs of current market, has led over the years to opening of a second pastry shop in Mussomeli, in the province of Caltanissetta.

Obviously, traditional sicilian desserts are the most requested by customers: cassata, cannoli, almond sweets… However, there is no shortage of novelties and designer cakes, such as the Torta del Pellegrino, created to give refreshment to pilgrims who travel along the Magna Via Francigena, the 180 kilometer route that starts from Palermo and arrives in Agrigento crossing Sicily mainly on dirt roads, also passing through Castronovo. Pilgrims can therefore refresh themselves by savouring the dessert made with almond flour, ricotta, citrus zest, eggs, honey and Majorca flour (a typical ancient sicilian grain). A new cake but created only with local products, which had immediate success and was also the protagonist of an episode of the Geo broadcast on Rai 3.

The Pasticceria Sparacello shop has also specialised in the last years in the preparation of Christmas and Easter products. You can taste traditional Panettone and Colomba and the typical sicilian variations with pistachio, but not only: chocolate, rum and pear, or black cherry, walnuts and apricots, with almonds, with limoncello… there is something for all tastes!

The sweets of the Pasticceria Sparacello are shipped all over the world. “Belgium, France, Luxembourg, we also sent a cassata to California”, says Giuseppe Sparacello himself, who in recent years has acted as a consultant for pastry shops all over the world: Dubai, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia, Taiwan and Spain, are just some of the stops of the award-winning pastry chef. Giuseppe Sparacello was nominated Cavaliere della Repubblica in 2018, for having brought Italian traditions and the excellence of its products around the world. He was also portrayed among the “ambassadors of taste” by the artist Antonello Blandi in his work “Piazza Palermo”.

In recent years there have also been social ethic initiatives, such as the “Baciamo le mani” brand, created with the main aim of eliminating any stereotype. The phrase here is supported by a logo that portrays a couple in a wedding dress, with the man intent on kissing the bride’s hand, in a gesture of gallantry and respect, values which, even more than the recipes for typical desserts, should be handed down and never forgotten.

And, perhaps, it’s all enclosed in this concept: passing on memories and values. Because innovations must not make us forget our traditions, as the slogan of the Pasticceria Sparacello says: flavours from other times.

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