More than 140 years after its birth, the family company combines tradition and experience to produce wine with respect for the environment and to offer exceptional wine tours

Advertising – Talking about Marsala, there is a company that has made the history of wine and still today, more than 140 years after its birth, represents a reality of great tradition and experience, with a deep knowledge of the territory, the methods of cultivation of native vines and the best techniques of vinification of grapes: we are talking about Cantine Pellegrino.

The company refines, in the historical cellars of Marsala, the homonymous liqueur wine in its different variations, produced from the typical grapes of the territory. Moreover, with the Marsala Revolution line, it offers five different types inspired by the five famous pioneers who made the history of the famous sicilian wine, proposed in an extremely innovative and contemporary way: Old John (Marsala Superiore Riserva semisecco), BIP Benjamin (Marsala Superiore Riserva Oro dolce 2013), Uncle Joseph (Marsala Superiore Rubino dolce), Horatio (Marsala Som secco) and Anita Garibaldi (Marsala Superiore Ambra dolce).

Cantine Pellegrino was founded in 1880 when the notary Paolo Pellegrino, winemaker for passion, founded with his son Carlo the winery destined to become one of the most important in Sicily. However, it is the noble Josephine Despagne, wife of Carlo Pellegrino and daughter of the French wine expert Oscar Pierre Despagne, originally from Sauternais, who takes over the management of the company.

The Pellegrino family, now in its sixth generation, has always personally managed the activities in the vineyard and in the cellar: a long history of care, love and dedication, values handed down from father to son, making it one of the greatest families of sicilian wine.

Today Cantine Pellegrino is not only Marsala. In fact, thanks to differentiated areas of cultivation, specialised oenologist and three different wineries, Pellegrino also produces white and red wines from the five Family Estates and products in the Cantina di Cardilla; in the Cantina di Pantelleria wines are born, Passito and Moscato of the island and in the Cantina di Marsala, in addition to the homonymous wine, are also produced liqueurs.

The relationship with the environment has always been the cornerstone of the company’s production philosophy, which is strongly committed to safeguard the territory and cultivate grapes exclusively by organic method and has developed recovery projects, conservation and enhancement of the immense natural and cultural heritage of Sicily, from the Egadi Islands to Marsala, from Pantelleria to Mazara del Vallo.

Throughout the year you can immerse yourself in the history of the area with a visit to the Cantine Storiche Pellegrino, in Marsala, for an experience for both wine tourists and those who want to spend a moment of pleasure in an environment rich of cultural, artistic, historical, food and wine context.

A path that starts from the Ouverture, a multifunctional structure of contemporary design dedicated to hospitality and tastings, and then through the monumental halls of the historical winery, among more than a thousand vats, barrels and barriques. Inside the “cantine” there are important archaeological finds dating back to the Punic Age, a museum of sicilian carts, a museum of the master cooper, plaster casts of the Punic Ship of 241 a. C. donated by an English archaeologist to the Pellegrino family for having financed its recovery, the historical archive of the correspondence of the English Ingham-Whitaker families and the gallery of historical posters Pellegrino. Finally, the Silos, important evidence of industrial archaeology, formerly used for the preservation of wines and expertly restored to accommodate a charming space, which enjoys the breathtaking view of the Stagnone and the Egadi Islands, where there is a highly innovative cuisine, which welcomes local chefs and great names of Italian and international cuisine.

In Summer, Pellegrino also opens the doors of the Cantina di Pantelleria to wine tourists and lovers of good drinking. Here there are guided technical tastings, with a focus on wines made from Zibibbo grapes grown in small trees on the island, aperitifs at sunset on the terraces overlooking the sea with typical products of Pantelleria.

Finally, in the magical atmosphere of Salina Genna, located in the natural reserve of Stagnone di Marsala, the tasting becomes an immersive experience, involving all the senses, thanks to the story of actors able to tell the essence of Pellegrino wines. Everything takes place in the Teatro a Mare Pellegrino 1880, the only theatre in the world built in a tank of Salina, completely ecological because it is made only of tuff, salt and wood, the perfect place to experience the emotional side of wine and where to meet it with art. A place that fully represents the philosophy of Cantine Pellegrino, a company where wine, history, culture and art come together to create unique and authentic experiences.  

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