Sicily, with its territories, its coasts, its favorable climate, its inhabitants and its food products, is increasingly appreciated overseas thanks to TV series and films. These works manage to immerse fans of the show so much that they become curious about the area in which the action takes place, leaving amazement and wonder. An example from last year is “The White Lotus”, an American series in which the protagonists of the second season stay in a hotel in the city of Taormina and take the opportunity to tour the island. The series offers evocative landscapes, and has enchanted viewers by increasing departures to the city of Taormina, with tourists often choosing long stays, staying several days to visit the cities of Palermo and Catania.
Also recently released is the TV series “I Leoni di Sicilia”, based on the novel by the author Stefania Auci, which intertwines the path of the commercial and social rise of the Florios with their tumultuous private affairs and which has already attracted much curiosity.
The tourist who arrives in Sicily following what he has seen in a television series or in a film often follows what the characters have done, looking for and visiting those same places (restaurants, cellars or the city centre), retracing the settings in which the most beautiful scenes were recorded. A phenomenon that we were first able to see with the series on Inspector Montalbano, which brought new tourist flows to the Ragusa and Syracuse areas.
As the American magazine Variety claimed last year, Sicily is the new promised land for serial productions of different genres: from the aforementioned “The White Lotus” and “I Leoni di Sicilia”, to “The Bad Guy”, “Incastrati ”, “Only for passion: Letizia Battaglia” and many others, there are many Italian and foreign series produced for different international streaming services in recent years, and there will be many more, with the arrival, for example, of the series on “The Leopard” on Netflix. There is no shortage of films, such as the latest film in the Indiana Jones saga or the next “In the Hand of Dante” whose filming took place last summer in Sicily. All this cinematographic and serial attention on Sicily confirms itself as an excellent source of promotion, bringing ever greater tourist flows to our island.

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