2023 is the year of the rebirth of tourism in Sicily. This is the data that emerges from the TeC Palermo 2023 conference, dedicated to Tourism and Homes in the Mediterranean, now in its second edition.
The event saw, among many others, the presence of the FIAIP Palermo president Marco Burrascano, of the FIAIP national vice president with responsibility for the tourism sector Leonardo Piccoli, of the vice mayor of Palermo with responsibility for the budget Maria Carolina Varchi, of the Tourism councilor of the Sicilian Region Elvira Amata, the mayors of Bagheria, Filippo Tripoli, and of Terrasini, Giosuè Maniaci, the president of the Palermo-Enna Chamber of Commerce Alessandro Albanese, the president of Gesap – Palermo International Airport Salvatore Burrafato and the market team manager – Booking. com Roberta Di Maria.
TeC Palermo 2023 enhances and promotes hotel and non-hotel tourism in the Mediterranean area, highlighting how Sicily is the largest and most central island in the basin and how it aspires to become the most important tourist hub of our sea. The island with a Mediterranean climate has recorded a large number of tourist bookings, with a peak in summer, despite periods of very high temperatures. Furthermore, the number of apartments available for rent is growing, also changing the geographical position in which they are positioned, not essentially favoring the area of ​​the historic center and the coastal strip but the entire geographical area. Tourism is growing strongly even in the low season. A result that goes hand in hand with the tranquility achieved after the pandemic period, with bookings arriving well in advance of the tourist season.
Palermo airport was among the main points of reference in terms of the tourist boom: a scenario which, according to the president of Gesap Salvatore Burrafato, can be explained by various factors. “Passengers from the Mediterranean have to choose between Sicily and Greece as island destinations, the numbers at the moment tell us that we prevail and this must certainly be traced back to the geopolitical framework of the Mediterranean, which rewards the choice of Palermo as a destination more. Furthermore, the climate allows us to extend the tourist season. There is no derby with Catania: each province has its own attractions.”

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