The number of Italian travelers who have made at least one trip with the main motivation linked to food and wine is growing: 58% in 2023, a value 37 percentage points higher than in 2016. The data emerging from the sixth edition of the “Tourism Report Italian food and wine”, curated by Roberta Garibaldi for the Italian Food and Wine Tourism Association, indicate that 35% of Italians plan a trip to discover Sicilian flavours. Despite the crisis, around 1 in 3 declare they have a budget exceeding 2022 to dedicate to the purchase of food and wine offerings. The report also shows that 63% want to discover new destinations and diversify the experience, seeking authentic proposals and experimenting with ever-changing activities in contact with nature. The island with a Mediterranean climate with its historic cities, local flavors, visits to wineries, farms, restaurants and natural attractions, manages to once again enchant visitors, even those coming from the country. Sicily is a food and wine destination desired mainly by young people between the ages of 25 and 34, who take advantage of the trip to also discover the unique warmth of the land, the culture and the evocative destinations that the region can offer.

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