Positive data for Sicilian tourism. The 2023 data show a percentage increase compared to the values ​​that emerged the previous year. The numbers provided by the Regional Councilor for Tourism for the period January-September 2023 reveal 13,384,851 presences, with a positive variation of 5.8% compared to last year, in which there were, again for the period January-September, 12,649,477 attendances.

Sicily continues to be a very popular destination for tourists, mainly French, German and in recent years also Americans, who have placed third in the regional ranking of foreigners, the result of an enormous desire among foreigners to explore and experience , even if for a short stay, this land with a Mediterranean climate. A land that offers scenic and culinary riches and with a population that knows how to be very inclusive and welcoming, to be visited not only in summer. The encouraging data highlights that, considering the increase in the cost of plane tickets this summer and the problems related to natural disasters, tourists have still chosen the Sicilian region.

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