Last May 11, with a solemn ceremony, the airport celebrated its historic anniversary

Last May 11th, Catania Airport celebrated its 100 years, reaching an important historical milestone for an infrastructure which, since its birth, has contributed to the development not only of the city of Catania, but of the entire Sicilian Region.

“We look at the road traveled with profound gratitude, remembering the successes, the challenges overcome and the role of our airport in the economic, social and cultural growth of our community,” said Giovanna Candura, president of SAC (Catania Airport Company), during the celebrations. “The airport is in all respects an identifying feature of our land and a bridge that brings our culture, our tradition and our excellence to the whole world”.

The ceremony concluded with the unveiling of the commemorative plaque and the presentation of the book “In volo da Catania. Oltre un secolo di storia”, an important moment made solemn by the large presence of State institutions and the civil and military aviation sector.
“This anniversary,” said Nico Torrisi, CEO of SAC, “represents a great occasion that once again confirms our commitment to promoting the development and economic growth of Sicily. Our thanks go to all the institutions, partners and citizens who have contributed to the success of this airport over the years. We are determined to continue on this path and to implement innovations and new infrastructures to strengthen the role of Catania Airport as a strategic hub for Sicily. Just yesterday the bureaucratic process for the demolition of the Morandi Terminal was completed and we already have the reconstruction project ready, the sign of a new phase for Catania Airport”.

To allow citizens and philatelic enthusiasts to have a memory of this important day, a limited edition commemorative stamp of 2,000 copies was created in collaboration with Poste Italiane. The graphic image chosen to represent the Airport depicts one of the most famous views of the runway, which shows the Termina A, dominated in the background by the skyline of Etna, which aims to evoke the emotions aroused by the sight of the volcano in passengers.

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